Toyota TJ Cruiser Will Debut in Early 2020

One of the most striking models of the last 2017 Tokyo Motor Show was the Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept (Toolbox Joy). A robust proposal, half SUV, half van, which were so exaggerated in its lines, that nobody considered it serious about getting to the streets.

However, the Japanese are good at surprise. According to Automotive News, based on the Japanese magazine Best Car, Toyota would have given a production TJ Cruiser, but for now, only for the Japanese market and would debut in early 2020.

The design would maintain the proposal of angled lines and a strong focus on volume and functionality, although with some changes to make it less expensive. For example, it would have conventional doors instead of sliding doors, reduce the size of the wheels, replace the two seats in the second row with a three-seat bench and improve the aerodynamics of the design.


Inside, it would be offered with two or three rows of seats and maintain the ability to bring them all down, including that of the front passenger, to leave a functional flat floor.

The new TJ Cruiser would be produced on the TGNA modular platform and would condition the same Prius hybrid powertrain: a 1.8-liter four-cylinder with four-wheel drive; As an option, a 2.0-liter aspirated with front or all-wheel drive would be available.

First, Japan, then the world? Recently there was speculation about the possibility of Toyota preparing a new SUV in the United States, will it be the TJ Cruiser?

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