How to Keep Awake When Driving in Summer

And some may wonder what does heat have to do with driving fatigue? And many will answer that everything has to do with everything. The outside temperature makes our body sweat to cool and lose fluids and extra energy wear. It is nothing new that children, elderly and sick are the most vulnerable during heatwaves. Heat also inevitably affects driving. It modifies the tension of the body, so the feeling of fatigue increases.

Now comes the question, can it be avoided? So much heat can not be good and avoid it should be one of our priorities on the road. Avoiding it reduces the risk of suffering of 3 out of 10 accidents that occur due to fatigue at the wheel. These are seven essential keys to avoid any accident.

drive a car

Sleep eight hours

If you are going to take a long trip, it is essential to sleep at least eight hours and establish driving shifts with the other drivers. If you do not have another driver to alternate with, it is necessary to take breaks of at least 15 minutes every two hours or every 200 kilometers.

Do not put your boots on food

It is worth saying that hunger can tighten, and you have to eat, but you also don’t have to make the last supper of a death penalty. It is necessary to follow this point at a low table since copious meals require large amounts of blood in the stomach, and the body needs more energy to be able to digest so much food. If you put on something demanding, you can even substitute foods rich in crass with some lighter ones and full of vitamins and proteins.

drive a car

No drugs in the car

No alcohol and give it water as you never give it. If you get tired of the crystalline liquid, it is better to switch to some soda.

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