What are the best headlight bulbs for night driving in 2020?

Old headlights can be optimized or upgraded with new lighting technology. However, this does not work for everyone. And not everything is allowed. It is possible to upgrade halogen headlights. It is to improve the luminosity of halogen headlights by installing a higher quality and more powerful light bulb.

Upgrading halogen headlights is possible and with little effort. There are less efficient light bulbs in cheaper vehicle classes, which can be replaced by more powerful ones. For example, Osram’s brightest halogen bulb is called Night Breaker Laser and should produce up to 130 percent more light and a 40-meter longer beam compared to a conventional bulb. Around 20 percent of whiter light is said to provide better visibility.

“Professionals can retrofit xenon and LED headlights with considerable effort and high costs”, says Mühlich. But only if the same vehicle type is optionally available with such technology. Xenon technology offers a brighter light than halogen, uses less energy, and is more durable. LED headlights with even higher luminous efficacy and long service life with less power consumption have replaced xenon headlights at many manufacturers.

One thousand lumens (luminous flux) of a halogen bulb cannot compare 1: 1 with a 1000 lumen LED bulb. With the same number of lumens, the LED headlight appears significantly brighter because the LED light color with over 5000 Kelvin is similar to daylight. This lumen makes colors and contrasts more visible. Halogen only comes to 2800 Kelvin.

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Halogen bulb did not dead

Although more than 100 years have passed since the invention of the incandescent bulb, these “classic” halogen bulb that populated the headlights of all cars until a few years ago has not yet gone out of fashion. The technologies have followed one another (Xenon and LED), but the halogen has nevertheless remained an effective, safe, and economic standard.

It changed and evolved in the production process that has made it possible to obtain ever-smaller incandescent bulbs, and with design flexibility that is closer to that of LED solutions. The new halogen bulbs, which we will see shortly, will be brighter and with a whiter (and therefore effective) light, without sacrificing the cost-effectiveness of traditional solutions.

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Replacing is being complexed

It is a phrase that we have all heard: “In the past, you could fix the ordinary car breakdown; now even to change a light bulb, you have to go to the mechanic.”

The replacement of h4 led bulb in the car has become an increasingly complex, delicate, sometimes require a professional operation. There is a reason the lights of our cars have become increasingly sophisticated, technological, evolved, and calibrated to offer the best possible lighting for our specific model.

Not only in the knowledge of how they work (or not work) but also in the awareness of what it implies in terms of safety to have adequate lighting while driving.

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