The Things You Should Never Do While Pumping Gas

A gas station is a place of obligatory passage for all those who use the car in their daily journeys. Depending on the type of car and the capacity of your deposit, the visits to the service stations will be more or less frequent, and at the moment the only ones who get rid of this operation are the owners of

The first thing to consider is access to the service station. On many occasions, there are roads and highways at quite high speeds, so it is very important to reduce gear. Adjusting the speed is key to avoid possible abuses, we must not forget that in the gas stations, there are usually people stationed and entering and leaving the establishment.

From the moment of entry, we will have to consider one thing: on which side is the tank cap in the car. It must be clear to position itself in the correct dispenser and not have to run the hose over or move the vehicle. It is usually something that is done automatically by experience, but it usually costs when it is not the car itself. A trick?

gas station

It is one of the main rules. When the car has parked and refueling, the lights must be turned off, and the contact removed. There must be nothing on in the car (not even the radio) because the electricity is bad with everything related to a gas station. The vapors emitted by the fuel are highly flammable, and even the smallest spark can cause an accident.

Although they are extreme cases, there have also been some mishaps due to static electricity generated by the person’s clothing. It is always advisable to touch some metal surface before refueling to discharge that generated electricity.

No smoking

If we have already warned that any spark caused by electricity can cause an accident at a gas station, let’s not talk about a heat source. Smoking is strictly prohibited in these places by pure logic. Contact of gasoline vapors with a cigarette or a lighter can have fatal consequences.

gas station

Do not use the mobile either

Another of the actions prohibited by law during the respite is the use of the mobile phone. There is a lot of controversy about this because these devices are very difficult to warm up enough to pose a risk. Although we must pay attention to this prohibition to avoid distractions caused by the use of the smartphone. You have to focus on the refueling action so as not to leave the hose on or other things that see on social networks and that go through as unlikely as they may seem.

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