Japanese New Emperor Car, the Century Convertible

Although Toyota has Lexus as its premium brand, it has a model in its portfolio that has the luxury of being sought after among billionaires, industrialists, and by the Emperor of Japan himself. This result is the Century,  which, despite going on sale in the 1960s, has only seen three generations go by in all this time.

Being a symbol of greatness in terms of mobility,  Toyota developed a unique Century for use by the new Japanese emperor Naruhito, who ascended the throne last May.

Because this exclusive limousine will be used by the sovereign and the royal family in the official coronation ceremony (October 22, 2019), in a 4.6-kilometer parade from the imperial palace, through Tokyo, to the palace of Akasaka, a  series of modifications were made, among which the transformation from sedan to convertible stands out. With the aim that, in the tour, Emperor Naruhito can admire the people.


Along with the removal of the roof, the rear seats were also adjusted to gain four centimeters in height, and the backrests have a greater inclination so that royalty onboard can have better visibility. The Century Convertible also carries an imperial golden seal on the front, instead of the classic license plate.

After his trip to the emperor’s coronation ceremony,  the Century will be exhibited occasionally in the imperial palaces of Tokyo and Kyoto; Likewise, it will also serve during special events, such as the next  2020 Olympic Games. It is important to indicate that this convertible is the first new car of the royal family in 30 years. They had previously had a 1990 Rolls Royce Corniche III, which was used only on a couple of occasions.

Finally, the Toyota Century series is powered by a hybrid system, which combines a 5.0-liter V8 engine with two electric motors. When working together, the sedan has 425 hp of power.

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