Toyota Corolla

Toyota New Corolla Adopts the NEW TNGA Global Architecture

Automotores Toyota opens the presale in the country of the twelfth generation Corolla, the best-selling vehicle in history, which will arrive completely renovated in November. More than 45 million Toyota Corolla units have been sold worldwide since it introduced in 1966. However, the most important novelty of the recent generation is that it will offer for … Read more

Toyota Mirai

TheToyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle Will Surprise in 2020

The unique engine of the 2020 Toyota Mirai combines hydrogen stored in triple-layer tanks with atmospheric oxygen. This combination happens in the fuel cell, where the heat generated by the chemical reaction turns into electricity, electricity which then powers a heavy-duty motor borrowed from an advanced Lexus hybrid car. The hydrogen comes from breaking water … Read more

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Let’s Redefine What 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Crossover

The Toyota compact ute’s hybrid powertrain delivers better fuel efficiency and greater refinement—for a price. Adventure is gas-engine-only, all-wheel-drive-only, with raised roof rails. The Adventure, Toyota says, is equipped for all-weather urban, suburban, and trail exploring.” It will give a Subaru a run for its money, but this is not a Jeep Wrangler. Still, check out … Read more