The Guide to Change the Tires for Your Car

The tires are a vitally important element in the car. It is the only part that is in direct contact with the asphalt, and therefore, its condition directly affects the behavior of the car.

A tire in poor condition compromises safety, so we have insisted on other occasions about the importance of carrying one or of. Knowing this importance, when would a change be necessary?

When to change the tires?

There are many myths about the recommended period for changing tires. As a general rule, we usually talk about a maximum of 5 years or 40,000 kilometers (whichever is before). But the truth is that it is not an exact science. It will depend on factors such as how the driver drives, the state of the roads he frequents, or the quality of which they are. Its rotation also recommended so that the wear is gradual and balanced between the four tires.

This result leaves us with no need to pay attention to written rules on tire replacement. It recommended that each user be aware of their status, making periodic checks (at least one month). Just as you have to check the pressure regularly, you can also take this opportunity to take a more thorough examination of your condition. There are times that with a simple glance, you can avoid greater evils.

How to detect wear on a tire?

The first thing to measure is the tread depth of the tire. It is regulated by law and who does not comply with the specified measures may be punished with a fine.

The minimum depth for passenger car tires is 1.6 millimeters. However, it recommended making the change before reaching the limit (with 2 millimeters, it already considered that there is danger). There are tools to measure it accurately, but you can also check “by eye” with a 1 euro coin, seeing if it exceeds the gold frame of the coin.

change the tires

With a little observation, you can also detect failures on the flanks of the tires (like the typical buns after a curb). There are other symptoms that it is necessary to change the tires that are more difficult to see with the naked eye, but that will notice while driving. If there are vibrations in the steering wheel or another rattling, it may be due to the tires. In that case, there could be uneven wear caused by poor alignment, and change would recommend.

Tire replacement considerations

When we are clear that it is time to change tires, another type of doubt begins. There are many manufacturers and a wide range of prices. In this section, it is always advisable not to spare much in expenses because security comes first. Nothing of and better to avoid the marks of doubtful quality.

Another factor to take into account is the place where you can replace the tires. It is always advisable to do so in a specialized technical center to ensure that there are no failures. A good example is Santogal’s after-sales service. In this center, besides, they are doing in these now is making an interesting offer in the change of tires.

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