How to Drive With a Correct Posture

The driving position is a key factor that affects all the people who get behind the wheel of any car. It is important because we spend many hours behind the wheel, and we must look for that comfortable driving that helps reduce fatigue. But it is also a vitally important component if to travel safely, and the consequences will be greater or lesser depending on the posture.

Seat position

The first thing to regulate is the seat. It is something simple that is done with the handles located below or on the side of the seats; also, in some cases, there are electrical adjustments that will facilitate the maneuver. The correct seat distance is that which allows any of the pedals to be fully depressed without the leg fully stretched. The leg should remain somewhat semi-flexed, something that could prevent injuries in the event of an accident.

The height of the seat is also very important. The tendency raises it to be able to see the hood of the car. It is advisable to go as low as possible as long as we do not lose sight of the dashboard and windshield.

driving posture

Backrest tilt

The first thing to keep in mind when adjusting the backrest inclination is that lying down does not benefit in any way. In addition to the back being resentful, it will only aggravate the consequences in the event of an accident (the belt may not fit enough or do it wrong). It is advisable to get as vertical as possible (without going beyond a natural posture), in a position where the entire back is in contact with the seat.

Adjust the steering wheel

Once the seat is adjusted, it is the turn of the wheel. There is a fairly simple and very effective trick to carry out this maneuver. With the posture had adopted, you have to stretch your arms and put the steering wheel in a position. That allows you to rest your wrists on it without taking your shoulders off the wheel. In this way, the arms will flex, and the maneuvers can perform correctly. In most cars, the steering wheel can adjust in height and depth. Otherwise, it will be necessary to find an intermediate point playing with the seat.

Place your hands

The position of the hands-on steering wheel is equally important. If we imagine the steering wheel as a clock and hands like hands, it would be advisable to place them at ‘ten past ten.’ This form is the most comfortable and natural and also reaches all steering wheel controls. The thumbs should be supported on the bumps to avoid injuries in case of an accident.

During driving, it is important not to release the hands of the steering wheel  (except some maneuvers) and do not hold the steering wheel by the bottom or cross the arms in turns. Here we remind you some, and that can even carry a fine.


Although the headrest is one of the great forgottens, it has one. This key element to avoid cervical injuries should place almost touching the head (about four centimeters away) and, with its part, resistant to the height of the neck. In this way, if there is a collision, it will be more effective in reducing whiplash.

driving posture

Seat belt

He is probably one of the elements that have revolutionized car safety the most. Thanks to him, hundreds of thousands of lives have saved, since it drastically reduces the consequences of an accident. Although its adjustment is also important. The first thing is that you have to go through the collarbone, a resistant area that you will hold in case of an accident (in the neck, it could aggravate the injuries).

It is advisable to tighten it by hand until it fits the body to improve its effectiveness. In this way, a possible blow against the airbag or sneak under the belt (something that should not happen if the steps have followed and the position is correct).

Before leaving

With a proper driving posture, almost everything is ready to drive. Before starting the march, it is also convenient to carry out a few checks, such as. In the case of the interior, adjust it by looking at the rear window so that the greatest viewing angle achieved. For the sides, you have to try to avoid dead angles and showing a wide field of vision for the rear area.

A sign that they are well placed is that you see the vehicle that is behind first by the interior mirror, and as it goes forward, disappears from it and appears on the side. In this way, it is as if a continuous field of vision created.

During the march

If it is your vehicle, check that the settings are the default, if it is someone else’s car, proceed to find your driving position. It doesn’t matter if the journey is short; you never know what can happen. During the march, there is no need to go in tension, with the correct driving posture comfort must prevail, extra strength will only make fatigue and muscle seizure appear.

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